I just wanted to give an update on my little 2 year old’s tooth. I wrote recently about him having a little accident on his bike and cracking it. The first dentist suggested he should have it pulled. This meant baby straight jacket and major trauma for my little man and trauma for mama as well. He was not interested. Neither was I. On to the next opinion…

My wonderful friend Jamie saw my post and suggested I call her Dad, a retired pediatric dentist. I can’t tell you how helpful it was to receive such special attention from her father and her mother. I spoke with both of them a few times and they referred me to a dentist they loved for a second opinion. By way of the telephone and emails, it was assessed that the tooth could hopefully be saved and if nothing else, left alone. I just had to be on the lookout for abcesses which were a possibility if the nerve died.

Thankfully, during our visit to the dentist, it was decided that we could leave the tooth alone. My lucky, little wild man must have just missed the nerve. It cracked from top to bottom and the loose part was a little less than half of the tooth. So, we headed out and decided that no trauma, made that day a very good day!

I kept an eye on it and it was loose, so he missed out on corn on the cob for a while. He loves corn on the cob so you may not realize what a sacrifice that was. The other day, he was building legos and paused for a moment and walked over to me. He showed me something in his hand and said, “Look Mommy, me tooth fell out.” Sure enough, it was that portion of it that was loose that had fallen out and the other part remained perfectly in tact. He then said for the remainder of the day, “Me tooth fell out and me no have to go to dentist to have it pulled.” “Me so Lucky.” His excitement had only just begun.

After this happened, I got to introduce my boys to the wonderful world of the Tooth Fairy!

I told them all about this magical being who flies through the sky looking for little children who’ve lost their teeth. My little one got so excited and asked if he would come over to our house. I told him that I might be able to send him a message if he wanted to put in a special request for what he wanted as a token gift for losing his tooth. His request: m & m’s and glow sticks for his brother and himself. How could I refuse that? He knew this was a special occasion because otherwise he says, “candy is junk.” “It gives me a tummy ache and will make holes in my teeth.” He assured me that he would brush his teeth right after he ate this said junk 🙂

He asked me to please send an email or text to the Tooth Fairy with his wishes. Yes, he did say email or text. So, that evening, he just couldn’t wait to get to bed! He told me we had to put his tooth in a box so we could leave it for him. He told me we better take pictures, in case the tooth fairy can’t see him in the dark, to prove he lost his tooth. He asked if we could leave a present and some water for the tooth fairy. He was wondering how he would be able to fly and carry all of those things at once. He said, “Maybe he’ll have to bring a big bag and make two trips.”

We set up the tooth and put it under his pillow, we emailed him the pictures and the request for gifts, and he went to bed with such enthusiasm and innocence. He hoped the Tooth Fairy would hug and kiss him when he came in. He made sure I opened the bedroom window for him to fly through.

Aston’s first (half) of a tooth for the Tooth Fairy

The next morning he opened his eyes and had the biggest smile on his sweet, little face. He asked me to look under his pillow with him and there he found a gift bag! He could’t believe it. He opened it and all that he wanted was there. He was soooooo happy!!

For the remainder of the day, he told me he wanted the Tooth Fairy to come back so he could hug him and thank him. He really wanted to show his gratitude and meet this mythical figure. He asked if we could paint a special picture and leave it for him in case he stops back in the neighborhood. We did.

These are memorable moments. There is nothing like the innocence and awe of a child. You wonder if they really believe in these fables or they just play along. Either way, the storytelling on my end, and the sweetness, love and fascination on his, makes for memories I will cherish forever. Imagination is extraordinary.

Aston is very proud of his new smile. He feels so fortunate that he escaped an intimidating dental experience…for now. I’m going to hope everything continues to be okay and in 4 to 5 years, his new tooth comes in easily and without any issues.

The Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and other figments of our children’s imagination and the world’s creation, are so precious. I see their faces light up so beautifully and I remember that feeling so well. All was good in our world. We didn’t know fear. We didn’t know hate. Our only goal was to fulfill our curiosity. I clearly remember always feeling love. I’ve been working every day since those days as a young girl, to keep that alive within myself and now, to share that with my boys.

May You Create Magic in your Life Today and Let Your Imagination Take You Anywhere You Want To Go. Then… Really Go There.



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