I love to believe I’m on the cutting edge of social media and technology however, I am now realizing I’m a bit slow in catching on sometimes. My girlfriends Kim and Mary, who both know me so well, have been telling me about Pinterest for quite some time. “Oh Sandy, you will LOVE it!” and “When are you going to join Pinterest? It is so YOU!!”

Having two little ones and a very full life, I thought it was acceptable that I didn’t have the time or didn’t get involved in something new. Well, now I’m here to tell you that Pinterest is my new favorite thing. Yes, If I was Oprah, there would be a show and this would be the topic!

I must admit, I thought Pinterest was simply a place to gather photos of shoes and bags and fancy homes. Although that sounds amusing, I just didn’t think it was on the top of my priority list. I had time this weekend in the middle of the night because I was sick and unable to sleep. Facebook was quiet, emails were read, responses were sent, and I wanted to browse. I thought, ‘Let me check out this Pinterest thing.’ There it began and went on for hours.

I started pinning away and setting up boards like I had a big presentation the next day entitled ‘Who Are You and What Inspires You!’

I realized this wasn’t just about shoes, cozy spaces, lounge chairs in the Maldives or heart shaped Rice Krispie treat recipes, but rather, a place to truly design and conceptualize all that inspires us! I do believe in the power of visualization and manifestation.

While pinning creative spaces, all I could think about was the studio I so badly want to set up one day so I can paint and create. I’ve always wanted that but now, with this beautiful board covered in images of amazing spaces, I will bring it into existence!

As I pin kid’s projects, I realize I can be more imaginative and present with activities that I never would have thought of on my own! Food coloring in itself is a major ingredient for FUN, Creativity and New Inventions!

Pinning all of the fabulous photographs invigorates the photographer in me! I just want to organize my many thousands of pictures and take a million more. I want to share the many snapshots I’ve taken in my life and capture the precious moments still to come.

Browsing vacation and travel boards reminds me of all of my travels thus far and the many more in my future. These images stimulate me for the world tour my family will be taking this coming year! I now have a place to collect and organize the regions we will visit and the magical places we can’t miss.

Here is where I really got inspired and delighted…I thought Pinterest was exclusively a showcase for photos. That would have been grand enough. While browsing, I would come across pictures that would say ‘Top 20 Things To Do WIth Your Kids’ and would wish I could read the article. Then, after many hours on there, I realized I simply had to click on the image and it led me to the piece!

This took my experience and my participation to another level. I was now able to share my Blog on Pinterest. I went to Pinterest goodies and set myself up and added photos of my Baby Love Wraps and links to all of my blog posts! I am amazed and in awe of this brilliant platform.

I know people say it is addictive and some say it is a waste of time. My experience is wholeheartedly Full of Love, Enthusiasm, Imagination, Discovery, Motivation, Inspiration and Artistry! It’s a place to Fully Express myself and all of my (P)interests. It’s a Canvas in which I can paint all of the colors of my Life, My Passions, My Dreams! I love to Create. I love to Express. I love to Share. I love to Inspire. I love to BE Inspired. Pinterest is a platform in which I can do all of the above. I am enjoying it all so much and now I must declare those two captivating words. Happy Pinning!

Thank you Dear Pinterest founders, creators, developers and the rest of the team for this amazing gift. I shall spread the word simply because I wish for everyone to be as Inspired as I am right now!

Please join me at www.pinterest.com/sandyfrankfort and let’s IMAGINE, CREATE and SHAPE our Visions on this lovely ‘Pin Board’ of Life!



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