As I sit here with my boys asleep on my lap, I realize I want to share what it’s like to be sick in our home. Thankfully, this hasn’t been a common occurrence lately but I often hear families speak of the spreading from one family member to another and the lengthy cycle of a flu or virus running through a household and taking all prisoners in sight.

It began with my Pierce last week waking up one morning and seeming a bit under the weather. Then came the vomiting and fever. During times like these I’m so grateful we get to just cuddle on the couch and I can tickle his back and give him extra love. It truly breaks my heart to see my boy’s suffering in any way. I know it’s part of life but it just hurts to see those ill little faces, glassy eyes, and tears that fall when they say “No me like it” when they are sick. 🙁

Aston followed two days later just as Pierce was turning the corner. He tried to fake it and act strong until the moment he couldn’t anymore. Then those tears began falling and the same sad mantra played…breaking my heart each time.

The stomach flu then decided to turn into a cold flu with headaches, sore throats, stuffy noses and coughing affecting all of us. Ok, I don’t need to tell you all of the details about our week with this invader and how challenging it has been and continues to be. My intention for sharing this with you is to explain what I am grateful for during times like these.

I am grateful that I still nurse and get to soothe in a way that makes my boys feel secure and comfortable when they need it most. I am grateful that we share a family bed and I get to hold them and comfort them during the night. I love that I get to steal a million kisses throughout the night and watch their little chests rise and drop with each breath. Aston threw up last night while asleep and I was able to wake him and hold him up until he finished. I cleaned him and changed his pjs and he fell right back asleep.

I love that we are so connected and I am so in tune with them. We take care of each other. I’ve been sick also and they make efforts to take care of me. They offer to rub my feet, run a bath , prepare soup, and anything else their sweet little hearts can think of to help.

I am grateful that we can all sit on the couch together and read books, do puzzles, watch movies and trace the alphabet on the Ipad (it’s called “Tall Pink” in our house because of the pink case).

As challenging as sick times are, and I must say they are, I am grateful that we get to go through them together. We experience temporary moments of relief and laugh and smile in spite of it all. When it’s rough, it’s rough and we are there to comfort one another. I am so thankful to be a Mom. I am so lucky to be their Mom. My favorite remedy for any ailment and for everything in life is and will always be…LOVE. ♥

May We All Be Granted Good Health and Enjoy Each and Every Moment We Are Given.



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