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Hello and welcome. Below you will find a list of ‘frequently asked questions’, if you have more questions please feel free to
contact me directly.

Is the LoveWrap™ Hard to Use?

Is tying your shoelaces hard? The first few times may seem a little slow but once you learn, it will become second nature very quickly. So Wrap your baby with love™ and enjoy countless hours of baby wearing!

How long can I Use the LoveWrap™?

There is no weight or age limit for the LoveWrap™ because it draws your child’s weight into your body rather than dragging from your shoulders.

What Kind of Head Support does the LoveWrap™ Offer?

The LoveWrap™ is the only carrier that actually supports your baby’s head against your body. It works similarly to the way your hand cradles a baby when you are carrying them close. Most baby carriers do NOT support the head but simply stop it from dropping backwards. The LoveWrap™ offers complete support for a newborn or sleeping baby’s head and neck using our soft, stretchy wide shoulder fabric.

Is the LoveWrap™ Safe?

When worn correctly a baby cannot fall out of The LoveWrap™. The LoveWrap™ is promoted by pediatricians, chiropractors, ergonomic professionals, nurses, midwives and child care professionals. There are no fasteners or buckles to break, pinch or rub your baby’s sensitive skin.

Is The LoveWrap™ Machine Washable?

Yes. The LoveWrap™ is very easy to clean. We recommend you wash your wrap in cold water on a gentle cycle and dry with low heat. All of our wraps have been pre- washed and pre-shrunk which allows for maximum durability and quality. Unlike other wraps, our wraps get softer with each wash because of the unique blend of materials we use. Due to the pre-washing and pre-shrinking of our fabric your LoveWrap™ will maintain the shape and quality after extensive use.

Is there more than one way to wear to my baby in the LoveWrap™?

There are many ways to wear the LoveWrap™. You can wear your baby in a variety of positions from facing you, facing the world, on your back, on your hip or in a nursing position. The LoveWrap™ has easy to follow instructions on our website that will help you wear your baby comfortably and safely in each position.

When can my baby face outward?

As soon as babies can hold their head up themselves (usually around 3-4 months), you can place them in a position facing outward. This position awakens many babies interest in the world around them.

How often should I wear my baby?

In many countries around the world, babies are constantly carried while their mothers continue to go about their daily routines. They say their babies are happier and they live easier lives. Research shows that babies benefit intellectually, emotionally and physically. You cannot hold your baby too much. Wrap your baby with love™

Can I nurse in the LoveWrap™?

Yes. There are a few positions that are suitable for breastfeeding your baby discreetly depending on your baby’s size. Please see our instructions page for the options available.

Is the LoveWrap™ useable in summer?

Even on hot days the LoveWrap™ is convenient to use. The fabric works like a t-shirt and it breathes and can be adjusted to cover less of your body and allow air to flow through. The same works in colder climates where it will keep you warm and you can cover yourself with more of the fabric around your shoulders. This will work to ventilate both you and your baby.

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