Emily Giffin has been one of my favorite writers since I first discovered her 6 years ago.  It was the beginning of my honeymoon and I was about to board a flight to the Maldives.  A fabulous chick lit novel was in order!  I’m always drawn to the covers if I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for.  The title SOMETHING BORROWED with a soft pink cover and a dangling wedding band was the winner. Helloooo Emily Giffin.

While relaxing in a hammock out in the sea, I couldn’t put this down.  Dex. Darcy, Rachel, Ethan.  This wasn’t my typical, last minute airport purchase consisting of mediocre writing and vapid entertainment.  This was real. This was inspiring.  I just adored these people and developed sincere respect and admiration for their creator.

The book sadly came to an end, as they all do, and I read that her next book was already out and named SOMETHING BLUE.  It was told from Darcy’s perspective, the sassy antagonist, and I needed more!  OH MY GOSH.  I had to get my hands on this book immediately.

Next stop, Thailand, and I prayed that Bangkok’s airport was equipped with the goods.  How lucky was I.  I got it!  I zestfully enjoyed each page, while riding elephants in Chiang Rei and relaxing in the rice fields of Chiang Mai. Pure Bliss.

I have much, much more to say about Emily and her other sensational books. For now, I just want to express my excitement and share the news about her upcoming novel, WHERE WE BELNG.

Here is the link to Emily’s Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/EmilyGiffinFans. You will enjoy being a part of her community!

Click here to buy Emily’s new book from Amazon! I just ordered mine and can’t wait to discuss!

Much support, love and success with your new book Emily!



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