Baby Love Wrap has been featured in many magazines as a “Must Have” for New Moms! Also, stay on the look out for celebrities wearing the Baby Love Wrap! They are worn by women and men, all over the world!

We always love receiving photos of our babywearing customers! Please send them over!



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How to Wrap your Baby with Love!

Don’t worry! Baby Love Wrap is extremely easy to tie on your own and you will be enjoying the freedom of being with your baby very quickly. Like learning to tie your shoes, give yourself a few extra minutes the first few times. Soon it will be second nature and you will be on your way easily!

To begin, make sure the Baby Love Wrap is securely tied around you. We have a step by step instruction guide to assist you. The Baby Love Wrap is easy to make part of your daily lifestyle. Put it on in the morning and take if off in the evening. What are you waiting for? Wrap your Baby with Love!

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