Hi, my name is Sandy.

I am a very proud mother of 2 boys and I love them with all of my heart. I was online one evening trying to find support because people around me were questioning my parenting style so frequently and persistently. I trusted myself, yet the constant inquisitions made me feel the need to seek like- minded mothers with like-minded parenting choices. I didnʼt know the term ‘attachment parenting’ existed until my first son was 5 months old.

From the moment my first son started growing in my belly, I was changed forever. There was little I could have done to prepare for how profoundly my view of the world would change. I wasnʼt around many babies in my life, and I didnʼt have a role model in parenting, neither was I set on any particular style of parenting. I didnʼt know if I would breastfeed, bed share, wear my baby or anything. I did what everyone does before having a baby; I got the crib, the stroller, the baby carrier, the breast pump and the bottles. I was prepared for it all, or so I thought.

When he was born, I always wanted him close to me. I found that he was just too far away in a stroller and it just didnʼt feel right. I decided to go shopping and find myself a baby carrier…a great one that I could be comfortable in and wear for many hours at a time…if not all day.

After my search for the perfect baby carrier, and not finding anything very special, I decided to design and manufacture my own. I did extensive research of virtually every wrap and carrier out there and the idea for Baby Love Wrap was born. I took a leap in order to supply myself and the marketplace with a fashionable, organic and comfortable baby wrap. My son built this business with me. I carried him around in this wrap I made which I would soon commercialize. I would coordinate his naps in the wrap around factory visits every day. It was the most special bonding experience and I will never forget it. I hope you enjoy wearing your baby and feeling the Love and connection as much as I did!



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