Time Magazine’s cover certainly caught the attention of everyone out there with this “provocative” cover, not just breast feeding mothers.
Although the attention may be negative and has sparked controversy, I am happy about the attention it is bringing to attachment parenting in America.

The article actually introduced, to anyone who is unfamiliar, Dr. Bill Sears, the legendary pediatrician who coined the term “attachment parenting” a little over twenty years ago.
I love that a term actually exists, not that I need labels to define myself or my parenting, but for the sake of like minded parents supporting one another in this type of parenting.

I am still nursing my boys proudly, however, we don’t choose the position of standing on a chair as displayed on the cover of Time 🙂

The ignorant comments provoked by this cover only lead to more competition, and more defensiveness in the world of being a mother. I don’t agree with the judgement and comparisons made to prove who is “mom enough” or who is better.

We are mothers. We make different choices. We live different lives. Let’s all let each other do that. Let’s do our best in raising children that will make a difference in this world because of the Love, guidance and support they received growing up. Let’s support one another, in spite of our differences. We are “mom enough” and we are so lucky to experience the pure gift and miracle of being Mothers.

Have you read the article yet? What are your thoughts?



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