Today, I brought my boys to the dentist. I would have preferred the visit was for a simple cleaning or even a cavity, but unfortunately, it was for a different purpose.

 My little Aston was riding his bike with his daddy and must have hit a crack in the sidewalk and flipped over the handlebars. His face was all scratched and bruised, which you noticed if you saw any of my recent photos, although you probably thought it was paint or dirt 🙂 I also noticed a crack in his front tooth but prayed it was just a hairline crack that would harden and be fine. My other thought was glue. Can the dentist just glue that thing back together?

Well, my little tough guy doesn’t like any attention paid to his boo boos and he certainly doesn’t want to admit anything is wrong. When I told him we had to go and have his tooth checked out, he calmly stated, “ No Mommy, it’s ok. My tooth will get hard again and I’ll be fine. I don’t have to go to the dentist.” He also told me his tooth wasn’t loose, it just feels like popcorn 🙂 He makes me laugh and he is just too cute and sweet for words. So, the dentist told us we have to have his tooth pulled because the crack goes all the way up to his gum. It’s loose which means it isn’t a simple crack that can heal or just stay that way and fall out when it’s supposed to. I am very sad about it. His precious little teeth and adorable little smile are about to change.

Have any of you experienced this? If he was older and it was closer to the time his tooth would be falling out, that would be one thing. I was just wondering if anyone knew if there were other options. I have a feeling there aren’t although I’m getting a second opinion. I would appreciate any insight.

My 4 year old got an exam, X-rays and a teeth cleaning and I was so, so proud of him. He sat in the seat, let the dentist do her thing and he obliged. It’s amazing watching your kids grow up and witnessing the little steps they take. I didn’t think he would even sit in that chair. He was such a big boy and so proud of his teeth and his willingness to cooperate. He knew this was an accomplishment and he was so excited about his new Mader toothbrush and Spider Man dental floss. This was a big day that I had anticipated for a long time and I’m grateful the first visit is behind us.   

When I put things in perspective and realize how much my little man has endured health wise up until now, this is a minor issue. He is so strong, determined, smart and special because of his hardships. He is my little gentle warrior. A missing front tooth will be a badge of honor he will wear proudly. So, when I think of it like that, I realize, it’s ok. He will be fine. It’s just a tooth. I also understand that we all face so many challenges in this life, none of which are easy. We just have to shift our perspective and maintain a positive attitude the best we can. We can always think of something happening elsewhere that is much worse than what we are going through. I also believe we all have a right to our sadness and our own process in dealing. No matter how minor or severe our situation may be.

Lastly, I want to say that accidents happen. I know this. I always feel like my boys will be safe while under my supervision. I always hope for this, however, having two boys, I know that unexpected events are invariably a possibility. I don’t blame my husband. I know he loves the boys and was watching them. It was simply an accident. Blame never fixes the problem anyway. It’s just one of those things in life where we wish we could turn the clock back for just one second. One of those occurrences where you just wish you could’ve done something differently which would have altered the negative result. I just wanted to share this because I believe as parents, we all go through this. This is another area I struggle with. I only want to be positive and fearless. I don’t believe this is possible once having kids. I am with them most of the time and yet, I know there will be times I won’t be. I suppose I can only LOVE with all of my heart and trust that they will be fine and safe while we are apart. What else is there?

Enjoy the Adventure…Mishaps and All 🙂



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