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I’ve done quite a bit of traveling in my life. There was a freedom that came from traveling alone but now I have two young boys. I am a big believer in the gift of travel, and I believe even more strongly, that it is one of the most important contributions I can make in

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I’m so proud to have both of my little athletes in the Huffington Post Slideshow for Future Olympians!

Our world is filled with people constantly comparing themselves and their kids to others. As a young girl, I always compared myself to the women in magazines and never felt “enough”. Since becoming a mother, the fierce competition and comparative nature that exists in this world of parenting, just amazes me. Yes, there are milestones children normally

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My little boys are in Huffington Post’s slideshow featuring adorable kid’s eating ice cream on a hot summer day! This is a photo from our recent trip to New York in Central Park~one of my and their favorite places! Click Below to See Slideshow!

Emily Giffin has been one of my favorite writers since I first discovered her 6 years ago.  It was the beginning of my honeymoon and I was about to board a flight to the Maldives.  A fabulous chick lit novel was in order!  I’m always drawn to the covers if I don’t know exactly what

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Welcome to the new world of Baby Love Wrap and a community I’d love for you to be a part of!

I am so excited to build a community together where we can all share our stories, questions, helpful tips and more.

I am a very proud mother of 2 boys and I love them with all of my heart. I was online one evening trying to find support because people around me were questioning my parenting style so frequently and persistently. I trusted myself, yet the constant inquisitions made me feel the need to seek like- minded mothers with like-minded parenting choices. I didnʼt know the term ‘attachment parenting’ existed until my first son was 5 months old.

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